A story of innovation
and success

Janez Gladek

Owner and founder
Planning, development, sales
Tel. +41 (0)41 671 08 03

Alex Gladek

Alex Gladek; Planung, Entwicklung, Verkauf

Planning, development, sales
+41 (0)41 671 08 02

Pia Gladek

Administration, accounts


These days, skis and snowboards prepared with a stone grind is taken for granted by all skiers and snowboarders - the origins of this were the brainchild of the manually dexterous Janez Gladek. He has been working in the ski business in the 1960s, and developed the stone grind technology and the accompanying automatic/robotic grinders for his erstwhile employer.

In 1992, he ventured into self-employment and made a name for himself in the rental of skis to sports stores. It was from this business that his idea to produce specialised lockers for winter sports equipment emerged. In the 1990s, as the first of numerous winter sports resorts across central Europe, he equipped the ski resort of Kronplatz in South Tirol with his cloakroom lockers.

From 2002 Pia Gladek supported him in the back office, in 2004 he founded a limited liability company and his son Alex became a co-owner.

In 2009 Golfplatz Arosa became the first golf course to be supplied with lockers for golfing equipment and, in 2011, the range expanded to include drying systems for trade and industry.

The next and latest milestone followed in 2013 when the Cantonal hospital in Graubünden had an innovative locker and valuables compartment system installed by Gladek Technik.