Storage systems
for hospitals and care homes

flexible and spacious

The problem in hospitals and care homes is well-known: Even employees with a low workload require a cloakroom locker. As a result, many lockers are reserved but barely used. The innovative solution from Gladek Technik offers 30-100% more people a cloakroom locker in the same space.


How does ist work?

All employees have a personally allocated small locker. They open and close it with their badge.

On arrival at the cloakroom, the employees are automatically allocated a standard-sized day locker via the badge reader which they in turn open and close with their personal badge. At the end of their working day, they check out with their badge and the day lockers become available once more.

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1650 coat lockers distributed across 5 different rooms; Stadtspital Triemli ZH

Compartments for valuables in cheerful colours - based on customer specification; Kantonsspital Chur, GR

Badge-operated Z coat lockers, permanently assigned or free locker selection ...

... and additional small boxes in a variety of sizes; Kantonsspital Münsterlingen TG

Badge-gesteurte Wertfächer und Tagesgarderoben; Spital Männedorf

Badge operated valuables compartments and day lockers; Spital Männedorf